Effective Strategies and Tools to Enhance Accuracy and Operational Efficiency

Many things can go wrong during the mine reconciliation process. Trying to achieve the utmost accuracy while dealing with uncertainty is a constant challenge for mining professionals. At this comprehensive event you will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the mining industry about which approaches have proven successful, which procedures you should follow to process data more effectively and how to view reconciliation more holistically. Discover the techniques that have worked for different deposits and what challenges our speakers have faced and managed to overcome.

The event will focus on:

  • Real life case studies of actual reconciliation results at different mines
  • New analytic techniques for resource estimation
  • Resource modeling approaches and techniques for various deposit types
  • Combining geology and geostatistics to build a more realistic resource
  • The pros and cons of different software solutions
  • Modeling and grade estimation in structurally complex environments
  • Causes of reconciliation differences and the consequences of irreconcilable data
  • Techniques used in practice to make the reconciliation process more robust
  • Best practices to bridge the gap between mine and mill

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